Best adjustable beds of 2020 that you need to know:

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One of the best developments made by the bedding companies is the introduction of adjustable beds. These beds have made relaxing more comfortable without having to lie down in bed. While there are many adjustable beds out there, you must be aware of the best options you have. If you haven’t found an interesting bed yet or you are looking at other options, read this and other adjustable bed reviews to find out what better options are available for you.

  1. Zoma adjustable base:

This adjustable bed comes with head and food articulation features. It can be set in various position including zero gravity, via the wireless remote that comes with it. Zoma’s adjustable bed works with all kinds of mattresses so you do not need to worry about buying a new mattress for this adjustable bed. You will find Zoma’s bed in every article about adjustable bed reviews because it of it’s excellent quality throughout the years.

  • Saatva solaire mattress:

Saatva only has an online store so if you know what you need, Saatva is the best option. Saatva’s adjustable mattress includes built-in chambers that inflate to different levels to adjust the firmness of the bed. It comes with a cotton pillow top which contains CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and Oeko-Tex certified latex that makes it free of unhealthy usually integrated into pillow foam. Also, it’s functions include a full body massage that will relieve your pressure points and prevent aches in your body.

  • Golden rest:

Golden rest has one of the most reasonably priced adjustable bed. It has adjustable beds in five different collections which are supernal, companion, floor-hugger, nightrider, and valiant. All of their beds come with remotes that can be used to adjust every feature of the bed including head and foot comfort. This bed comes with a full one year warranty so you can return it if you feel like it was not what you were looking for. However, weight capacity of the adjustable beds vary from bed to bed so it is necessary to buy a bed that has the right weight capacity the sleeper needs.

  • Yassa’s adjustable bed:

You will find a lot of Yassa’s adjustable bed reviews on the internet including youtube videos that show it’s trial. This bed can be adjusted to several positions as well as zero gravity. It includes a sharp head incline that allows you to watch T.V easily without suffering from neck pains. The bed can also be converted to a fully flat bed. This bed has an additional wall positioning system that prevents this bed from colliding with furniture in a room. Moreover, it has plenty of storage underneath to keep necessary things close. Yassa’s adjustable bed is versatile and suited for all types of sleeping styles regardless of the sleeper’s weight.


With one of these at home, you can rest in multiple positions and even get massages as it is a common feature in many of the beds.

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