The Best Sleeping Positions For Side Sleeper

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People have different positions of sleeping; someone likes to sleep on the back, someone on the lower back, someone on the side means it is different from person to person. Some people feel pain in their back or shoulder due to their incorrect position of sleeping. Researchers have got enough knowledge that back pain has caused by the wrong sleeping position. Sometimes back pain can be caused by some heavy weight lifting or lousy position of sleeping. To get rid of such issues, we have the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain facilities, which will solve the back pain issues.  There are some sleeping positions which will help you to have a good and comfortable sleep at night.

  • Pillow Between Knees

Sometimes we feel to have no comfortable sleep in the same sleeping position, so we try to change our position. If you are lying flat on the back and have no restful sleep, change your left or right shoulder position toward the mattress. Take a soft and normal size pillow and put it between the two knees. To fill the space between your waist and the mattress, take a small soft pillow to fill the space. To have a comfortable and correct sleeping position, the pillow between knees will align your spine and hips in a good position if there is a need for more pillow to get it to make sure that the space between the knees is lesser. If you feel bad in this position, do not change it, you will be taking the time to adopt this position.  By this position, you can get a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night. 

  • Sleep on the Stomach side

Some people have the habit of sleeping on the stomach to get relief from the back pain issue. It is not as good as you do that. It gives partial relief in back pain but can damage or put pressure on your neck, which will cause medical issues. But if you have a better sleep on the stomach position, then never change your sleeping position. To get some relief in the back pain, take a pillow put it under your abdomen to have less pressure on your back. It depends on your mattress, weight, and age that have you need a pillow to put under your abdomen or not. The position works well for those who have diseases of degenerative or other issues. In this position, you will get relief by placing a pillow under the stomach.      

  • Sleep on Back

Some people like to sleep on their backs by having a pillow under the knees. They think that it will give them relief in the back pain. Whenever they go to sleep, they try to sleep on their back to have a flat position with a mattress. They put a pillow under the knees to have a better alignment of the spine. The pillow provides a curve shape position in the lower back. Instead of a pillow, you can use any small size towel or any soft roll under the knees to add some support. When you sleep on your back, your weight distributes among your body parts. In this position, you have less pressure on your back and other pressure points. You get the better and correct position of your spine and back.     

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